Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Seriously stated

Good day this day,

My father was arranging his closet and he found three blouses he didn't wear anymore. So I said I would like to have those, just as I like to have second-hand ties. Beneath is shown the blouse I like the most, because of it's beautiful red colour with blue edges and white buttons. I feel so comfortable wearing this outfit and I think it shows. Because the blouse is way oversized I combined it with a tight pair of trousers. And I added high heels for the feminity (is that a word?) and a necklace to cover up my neck and because of some statement: The necklace comes from Canada and shows some of the culture the Indians have.

Hopefully my father decides his closet still is too full and he'll give me some more blouses of his :) Tell me what you think of this style, please.

Love, Shanna.

  • Necklace: - (from Canada)
  • Blouse: State of Art
  • Jeans: Just if
  • Shoes: Graceland


  1. Wish I had an Idian necklace.
    This outfit suits you well.
    Keep on rockin'


  2. Love the oversized shirt! Awesome blog, I'm following!

  3. The outfit looks so good on you! At school you wore a grey jeans with it (I thought( and I like that too!
    I also looooove the necklace!

    xx Marije

  4. Thank you! I really like the dress too! And I just thought up of that song to go with it!
    Btw: I'm looking forward to see your new post! :)

    xx Marije