Saturday, September 25, 2010

Haveable dresses


In my last post you saw me wearing a dress from 'Jane Norman'. Well, I've found her website and took a good look at all her dresses. Some of them were awful, but there were a few I kind of fell in love with. Fortunately there's a lot of discount. Unfortunately you still have to pay a lot of transferring costs and my favourites aren't all available anymore. Which one(s) do you like most?

Love, Shanna


  1. Wow, beautiful dresses! I like the completely white one! Really pretty!
    And yeah, I fell on that picture! ;)

    xx Marije

  2. I had an amazing time indeed.
    The food was great accept for
    dessert. It was less.

    My favorite is the first and
    third one.


  3. Thanks voor je comment !
    Mijn galajurk was ook van Jane Norman,
    en die 1e is echt geweldig !

  4. These are indeed beautiful dresses! I like the black bubble one. Very cute with the monostrap

  5. Oh my gosh! Dresses 1 and 2 have my heart racing xxx