Friday, October 29, 2010

Tough flowers

Hi People,

After shopping in Rotterdam, this is the first outfit. I like it when sweetness and (sort of) rock 'n roll is combined. As my vest with sweet little flowers and my partly imitation leather trousers and shoes do. And as a friend of mine said so nicely: The leather like bit of the pants is real, real plastic :P To add some colour to the black and brown look I painted my 10 nails in 10 different colours.

Marije ( made the photos again. So, thank you! (:

Love Shanna

  • Vest: Fishbone (new)
  • Shirt: - (old, very old)
  • Trousers: Coolcat (new)
  • Shoes: New Look (new)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Don't drop


My excuse for the absence of new posts is that I went shopping in Rotterdam! The first photo shows what I bought the first day and the next are pieces of the shoes I bought (: Of course there are other pieces of clothing as well. So... Quite mysterious till so far, but I can't wait to show you everything I bought, in an outfit. As soon as I've got the time, I'll shoot some photos.

Love, Shanna

  • Pair 1: New Yorker
  • Pair 2: Your feet look gorgeous
  • Pair 3: New Look

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Survival, on heels...

Hi again,

Another shoot with Marije (, in the forest 200 metres near my house. The heels I'm wearing here are quite sharp at the bottom and when I came home Marije saw I had speared a leaf. Earlier, she had several leafs on her heels, which looked really funny (: But anyway, it isn't a good idea to walk in the forest, in fall, on pointy heals: You spear leafs and sink into the ground. There are still some holes where I put my feet...

♥ Shanna

  • Leather jacket: Chic & Jeune
  • Shirt: Vila
  • Trousers: C&A
  • Shoes: Graceland

Sweet G4L

Hello ♥

Yesterday a friend, Marije:, and I made some photos in the forest, 200 metres near my house. The bridge I'm standing on has always had only 1 railing. That explains why I fell in the ditch (when it was totally filled up with water in the cold, cold winter) two times already. But yesterday I cycled and walked over it without (life threatening) problems. Anyway, do you like my gangster-like outfit, with pink lipstick? The title is named after Rihanna's song 'G4L' btw (;

Love, Shanna

  • Jacket: Chic & Jeune
  • Shirt: -
  • Trousers: Only
  • Shoes: SDS (from Germany)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pretending to be...

Hello people,

Blouses do not just look neat and casual, they are warm too. Great for harvest therefore (: Big blouse, (extremely) tight jeans and flat shoes make the perfect look if you're pretending to be neat, serious and fashionable. That's my opinion about it at least. Look for yourself what you think about it. And let me know, please.

Love, Shanna

  • Blouse: Gant
  • Jeans: Garcia
  • Shoes: H&M

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Haveable shoes

Goodday again,

So many shoes, which all cost money and which are all so very haveable. It's not fair, is it?! Here are a few shoes which I adore and keep in mind as an inspiration for when I go shopping. Can't wait for the holidays! I like the first, second, third, fourth and fifth the most. Which one(s) do you prefer?

♥ Shanna

Monday, October 4, 2010

'Cause I'm a gypsy

Hi People,

Bought a new skirt (second-hand) and you're gonna see a lot more from it. It's comfortable and it reminds me of the Disney movie 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame', but then the gypsies of course ;P and the song 'Gypsy' from Shakira. And don't you love Flits? She's the cat on the first photo.

Love, Shanna.

  • Denim jacket: Only
  • Shirt: -
  • Skirt: Pescara (second-hand)
  • Shoes: XAEE (second-hand)