Monday, November 29, 2010

Let me be spoiled

Good- morning/afternoon/evening,

I came across these photos a few times already. And according to me they are sooo beautiful... This photoshoot 'Let them eat cake' for Wildfox is really inspiring, cause it is just such a opinionated style. And isn't the first photo just genius? (: This is Wildfox's website:

Love, Shanna

Monday, November 22, 2010

Down town

Goodday People,

Losing track of time is not the only thing which is very common, losing clothes I do too. My beloved jumper has been gone for almost a year. And then I found it in the closet I already searched through two or three times. And that's the most important thing: Having found it again (: Like it? See & judge... BTW: I really love all of your comments!

Love, Shanna

  • Jumper/Dress: 2-Bizzy
  • Shoes: Graceland

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Once upon a time

Hi Everyone,

Last week was a very exciting week for us at school: Exchange student came over! So we went to do a lot of things with them, one of those was going to Groningen (the city). After all the cultural (...) in the cold -it was a maximum of 2 degrees Celsius- we were aloud to do what you go to Groningen for: Shopping! ^^ Explains the brandnew, supercool, high-waisted skirt! BTW: The title is because the blouse reminded me of pirates in the old days :)

Love, Shanna

  • Blouse: Forecast (second-hand)
  • Skirt: H&M
  • Shoes: Yessica

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hot n cold

Goodday today,

Just some pretty pictures to set the mood for next summer. All of them are so pretty and sunny, according to me at least, and contain amazing details. Only watching the photos gives me chills, cause wearing such thin clothing as the models isn't possible in the Netherlands. The first model is Doutzen Kroes, she's from the Netherlands (even from the same province as where I live) and she's our national pride!

♥ Shanna

Thursday, November 4, 2010



One of my newbies from Rotterdam is this lovely dress. On it you see the black cat, she's named Abby. Abby is one of my two cats (the other one is named Poezel) and she's all black too. So that's the reason why. I'm a bit sorry for the quality, but they had to be made quickly.

Let me know what you think of it. I always love to read your lovely comments and hear what all of you fashionpros think of it (:

Love, Shanna

  • Dress: New Look
  • Panty: -
  • Socks: C&A
  • Shoes: Graceland
  • Bracelet with white: Forever 18
  • Bracelet with spikes: London Mode

Monday, November 1, 2010


Goodmorning (as it is now),

Short inbetween stop of showing my buys from Rotterdam. But I have testweek and so no one has a lot of time to make great photos with me. Anyway, this outfit is inspired on a guy a know and by lack of brown boyshoes I had to use my own blackies. I tried to pose a little like a guy :S Didn't work out very well, though. But that's the reason why I might pull a weird face.

Love, Shanna.

  • Blouse: State of Art (my father's)
  • Trousers: Only
  • Belt: - (my mother's)
  • Shoes: Dolcis