Sunday, October 17, 2010

Survival, on heels...

Hi again,

Another shoot with Marije (, in the forest 200 metres near my house. The heels I'm wearing here are quite sharp at the bottom and when I came home Marije saw I had speared a leaf. Earlier, she had several leafs on her heels, which looked really funny (: But anyway, it isn't a good idea to walk in the forest, in fall, on pointy heals: You spear leafs and sink into the ground. There are still some holes where I put my feet...

♥ Shanna

  • Leather jacket: Chic & Jeune
  • Shirt: Vila
  • Trousers: C&A
  • Shoes: Graceland


  1. Thank you! I really like this outfit! It's so though! I love the leather jacket! And you look great on the photos!

    xx Marije

  2. such lovely shots... you look adorable as well!

  3. Thank you! That's really a compliment! :D And I made a new layout for my site, what do you think of it? Like it?

    xx Marije

  4. I know! I'm not a big fan of sinking my heels into the soil. Nice outfit!

  5. Thanks for your comment.
    Nice outfit:)